The Myriad Crash Pad Covers and Conforms to Nature's Uneven Grade

 - Aug 7, 2012
References: industrialdesignserved
The benefits offered by the Myriad Crash Pad concept greatly exceed the features that are integrated into the vast majority of low-level rock climbing safety equipment. The special stuffed cushions are trusted to soften the falls of people ascending complicated climbs, but a few other critical factors must be incorporated in the design.

Climbers need to get their bouldering mats to areas that can be difficult to access and are often approached by hiking over rough terrain like forests, sometimes mountains and even cliffs. Portability is a must. Mike Vinson's hexagonal concept folds up accordion-style into a slender backpack, more compact than most pads for an easier traverse beneath branches. Most cleverly, the Myriad Crash Pad's modular foam components are attached with fabric webbing that allows the protective surface to conform to the undulations of earth and stone.