The Substratum Hiking Boot Features Built-in Firestarters

 - Feb 16, 2013
References: rockys2v & gizmag
The Substratum hiking boot is designed to keep you warm in the wilderness. The shoe, from outdoor apparel company Rocky S2V, features a built-in pouch packed with fire-starting tools.

One of the boots holds a Ultimate Survival Technologies Sparkie flint firestarter and the other has two UST WetFire tinder cubes. Additionally, the boots come with Rocky S2V's Survival Grenade (included with all the company's apparel.) The Survival Grenade has items needed for, well, survival. These include a small knife, sewing needle and fishing equipment.

Putting small pouches in shoes is nothing new but the inclusion of functional items in said pouches is something that isn't done very often. You could argue that the fire-starting kit is merely a novelty, but it's tough to take points away from a novelty item that could potentially be life saving. The Substratum hiking boot is available now and sells for $279.99.