The Anti Mosquito Sonic Repeller App Claims to Keep Mosquitoes Away

 - Aug 1, 2014
The Anti Mosquito Sonic Repeller is a new app that has been generating plenty of buzz over its claimed ability to drive mosquitoes away.

Mosquito bites are an undesirable consequence of summer weather, especially for people living in tropical climates. The Anti Mosquito Sonic Repeller aims to prevent mosquito bites with little more than a smartphone. The app doesn't claim to be a 100% fix for mosquito bites, but claims that it can mitigate mosquito attacks as long as the app is running next to you.

The developers of the app claim that the app emits a high-frequency sound that disturbs mosquitoes and drives them away. The app is based on the theory that high-frequency sounds target female mosquitoes -- the ones that enjoy human blood -- by mimicking the male mosquito wing-beat, which will drive female mosquitoes away.