This Incognito Shower Product Offers Protection from Insects

 - Feb 18, 2016
References: lessmosquito
Chemical-laden bug sprays that offer protection from insects can often leave a sticky or heavy feeling that leaves those who love the outdoors longing for a shower. Rather than applying products post-shower, this inventive insect repellent solution from Incognito can be worked into a personal hygiene routine.

The 'Luxury Loofah Soap' gets its power from the brand's own insect-repelling soap, which is used in this product to deter biting insects. The simple all-natural ingredients used in the making of the soap bar appear in this loofah; coconut oil, sesame oil and citronella oil nourish and cleanse the skin while also keeping bugs at bay.

Unlike many insect-repelling products on the market, this one won't leave behind nasty chemicals or an undesirable scent.