This Insect Repellent for Kids Can Be Used on Outdoor Gear & Textiles

 - Feb 19, 2016
Most of the time, fragrant citronella oil is used in candles and body ointments, but this insect repellent for kids takes the form of a sticker. This is just one inventive kid-friendly bug-repelling product from MosquitNo.

The SpotZzz Stickers come in packs of 30 that are made with citronella oil gently release the fragrance over time. In total, these stickers will release the scent for about 72 hours, which provides lasting protection against insects.

While these stickers are not to be applied directly to the skin, they can be used on everything from bedding and other textiles to tents. The easy-to-apply stickers are water-resistant and come in a number of different themes that will appeal to kids on a number of outdoor and travel adventures.