From Immersive Fragrance Boutiques to Ombre Lipstick Tools

 - Mar 13, 2016
The top March 2016 cosmetics ideas showcase the renewed interest in beauty ushered in by the self-care and wellness movements.

The first retail location for the LA-based brand on the east coast, the new NYX New Jersey store also features a new digital in-store concept designed to offer more product education and customization to shoppers. The digital concept includes an interactive makeup station where consumers can view beauty tutorials, test out products and learn which products are best for their skin.

For the health-conscious who like to spend time outdoors, Lifestings is an all-natural insect repellent lotion made without deet or citronella. Instead, the innovative lotion uses the healing properties of catnip, which is 10 times stronger than deet, to ward off bugs and insects naturally.