This Artisanal Skincare Product Boasts Whiskey and Pine Ingredients

 - Feb 12, 2016
References: kaufmann-mercantile
Available on Kaufmann Mercantile, an e-retailer specializing in artisanal and ethically sourced products, this whiskey aftershave will leave skin looking softer and younger after use.

Handmade in Portland, Oregon, each of these whiskey aftershave bottles is infused with natural ingredients and feature no harsh chemicals. Consisting of pine, whiskey and a blend of essential oils, this bottled skincare remedy is inspired by vintage skincare concoctions.

Its nostalgic branding, glass bottle container and mixology-inspired ingredients are reflective of a recent beauty industry shift that sees more male consumers embracing high end grooming products. Following in the footsteps of beer brand Carlsberg -- whose high end men's skincare collection features beer ingredients -- this aftershave takes a classic spirit and uses it as a grooming remedy that prevents common irritation.