This Mosquito Repellent is Looking to Improve Global Health

 - Jul 18, 2013
References: kitepatch & fastcoexist
The Kite Patch is more than a mosquito repellent, it makes you invisible to health-harming insects. It's a colorful patch that attaches to one's clothing and is effective for up to 48 hours of bite-free bliss. This simple solution aims to render toxic sprays and chemicals obsolete.

The product also has a social goal, as it was designed to address the global health problem created by mosquito-borne diseases. Illnesses like malaria and West Nile are widespread and extremely dangerous, especially in developing countries where access to healthcare and health education can be limited. The Kite Patch was created in partnership with an impact venture firm called ieCrowd and with the University of California Riverside. ieCrowd is working with a Ugandan organization to bring accessibility and affordability to regions hit hardest my mosquito-borne sicknesses. While they have commercialized the technology, they are looking to raise an additional $75,000 to achieve this accomplishment.