This Stylish Burger Cozy is Sure to Keep Your Pet Turtle Warm

 - Aug 27, 2014
References: etsy & etsy
If you happen to have a pet turtle and you'd like to get it a cute little cozy to keep warm then these innovative cozy designs by Mossy Tortoise is the place to look. Each of these turtle cozies are designed to look like everyday objects and food items and they would also double up as Halloween costumes for your reptile companion.

Mossy Tortoise creates these cozies entirely by hand from colorful crochet acrylic yarn. This innovative cozy in particular is designed to look like a cheeseburger so that when your turtle is wearing it they look like the beef patty. The burger cozy comes with a layer of ketchup, lettuce, mustard and two buns on either end. All you have to do is slot your turtle into the cozy and watch as they walk around looking like a tortoise burger.