GNV's Cruise Marketing Stunt Has Dogs Discover Toys with Ads on Them

Some companies pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for prime advertisement placement—but GNV's cruise marketing stunt 'Buried Ads' diverges from the norm.

It's reported that one in three Italians won't go on holidays without their pets, so GNV overhauled the design of its ferry cabins to be friendly to both people and pets. In order to get the word out about its 4-Legged Friends cabins, GNV buried toys in Italy's largest parks for dogs to find. Once these items were retrieved by dogs, pet owners were able to read a message about the new offering from the leading Italian company.

The friendly, approachable nature of most dog breeds makes them popular messengers for advertising a brand's products or services. Examples of this include pubs with dog bartenders and canines that serve as roving Wi-Fi providers at festivals.