Jus by Julie's Beverages Get Inventive with Peanut Butter and Drinks

 - Feb 6, 2016
References: jusbyjulie
When most people think of peanut butter and drinks, they tend to envision creamy beverages like shakes and smoothies. However, Jùs by Julie is doing something else entirely with this nutty spread. Jùs by Julie has two products—Not so Chunky and PB & JUS—that use all-natural peanut butter as ingredients. In the one that takes inspiration from the classic peanut butter and jam sandwich, this ingredient is also combined with strawberries, bananas and rice milk, while Not So Chunky omits the berries.

With filling peanut butter as a main ingredient in these unconventional juice beverages, they're rich in protein, potassium and promise to satiate hunger in a more healthy way than classic peanut butter snacks.

There are countless companies trying to cash in on a growing consumer desire for freshly pressed juices, but there are few as inventive as Jùs by Julie.