The NextDesk 'CrossOver' Enables a Standing Workstation When Desired

 - Feb 1, 2016
References: gizmag
While standing workstations can offer a slew of benefits, having a fixed standing desk can leave workers feeling fatigued after a while, so the NextDesk 'CrossOver' is designed to be the best of both worlds. Fully adjustable thanks to the motorized construction, the NextDesk 'CrossOver' is available in either bamboo, rubberwood or recycled wood finishes.

Capable of lifting up to 100-pounds of computer equipment with it, the NextDesk 'CrossOver' operates at the push of a button in just 1.5-seconds. Set to be available for purchase in March 2016, the NextDesk 'CrossOver' standing workstation helps to offer users the ability to pick how they want to work, anytime. As health-focused lifestyles continue to become more popular, products like the NextDesk 'CrossOver' will likely become more pervasive.