Belies' Portable Snack Dip Provides a Small Sampling of Three Dips

For the purposes of parties and other large gatherings, there are plenty of snack dip trays on the market that provide an assortment of dips in a single product container. However, Belies is a brand that's rethinking this idea to single-serving snack containers.

Belies produces a 'Trio Houmous,' as well as a set of three summer and winter edition dips that are meant to be prepared with freshly cut veggies or small pieces of bread. Some of these flavorful dips include unusual types like curry or tomato hummus, as well as beetroot, butternut and yellow pepper.

Belies notes that it introduced these colorful dip trios in response to consumer demand for products that encourage them to eat less meat and increase their daily intake of vegetables.