VILVI's 'Functional' Active Yogurts Reduce Digestive Stress

The protein-rich qualities of active yogurt have shaped this dairy product into one that's loved by athletes and health enthusiasts alike. Unlike many brands that simply suggest yogurt to support a pre- or post-workout session, VILVI takes a more direct approach to the link between food, fitness and health with its 'Functional YOGA Yogurts.'

These yogurt products are loaded with oatmeal, cereal, plus prebiotics and fiber to support satiety and a healthy system. In addition to being rich with superfood ingredients, these snack food items promise to energize and take stress off of a consumer's digestive system, just as practicing yoga has the ability to do.

These yogurts from VILVI are just one of many products that are being introduced as functional foods that are rich with ingredients that promote health and prevent disease.