Gourmet Grocer Summerhill Market is Now Selling Edible Insect Treats

 - Jan 28, 2016
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Toronto's Summerhill Market is a gourmet grocer that's thinking ahead when it comes to the future of food. In line with a movement that's seeing products and restaurants featuring edible insects as main ingredients, the Canadian market has now added protein-rich cricket pies and mealworm protein balls to its menu of items that are freshly made at the store. Other dry items that are offered on-site include Moroccan roasted crickets, sea salt and pepper seasoned mealworms and sacks of organic cricket flour.

While many parts of the world rely on edible insects as a part of their diet, insects have yet to become staples of Western cuisine. However, gourmet grocers like Summerhill Market are on the forefront of changing consumer attitudes on bugs as a source of nourishment.

Photo Credit: Laura Takahashi