This Hearing Aid App Helps Ear Specialists Customize Treatment Plans

 - Feb 2, 2016
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Jacoti ListenApp is the first smartphone hearing aid app that is registered by the Food and Drug Administration.

The app features an easy to use interface that allows users to update their auditory test data as administed by an audiologist. The app also connects to a cloud-based web service called myJacoti, which stores information and allows users to access them across multiple devices. Users can select a hearing specialist who can also get access to the hearing data and profile stored in the cloud, enabling them to better fine-tune their treatment of the patient. The Jacoti ListenApp also works to manipulate smartphone-generated sounds to make them easier to hear for the user.

This hearing aid app uses cloud technology to assist audiologists in their treatment of people suffering from hearing loss, whilst ensuring that patients can interact with their technology in a worry-free manner.