This FaceDoctorX Anti-Mosquito Soap Uses Natural Insect Repellent Oils

 - Feb 18, 2016
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There are dozens of natural insect repellent skin sprays and balms that are meant to be used on dry skin post-shower, but this one from FaceDoctorX is meant to be used as part of a cleansing personal hygiene routine.

When used during a morning shower, the Anti-Mosquito Soap promises to protect users against insect bites all day long. The formula was developed by a dedicated group of scientists, who have spent years researching the behaviors of these pesky insects. Some of the active herbal extracts that help to keep mosquitos away from the skin include eucalyptus oil, calendula, menthol, lavendula and citronella oil. In addition to repelling bugs, these powerful natural ingredients are also ideal for soothing tired muscles, refreshing skin and treating inflammation. For these reasons, the Anti-Mosquito Soap is also useful as a treatment for itchy insect bites.