The Lebeleicht Store in Hamburg is a Minimalist Health Food Shop

 - Jan 27, 2016
The Lebeleicht store is a stunning whiteout plant-based juice bar that's interior design scheme boasts a clinical, pristine feel. The scientific-feeling juice bar is located in the heart of Hamburg, the northern cosmopolitan German port city.

Designed to be an "oasis of freshness, light and future thinking," the elegant space succeeds in making clinical feel accessible and welcoming, using its prescriptive presence to highlight the overarching health benefits of cold-pressed juicing. In addition to their selection of juices and cleanses, the Lebeleicht store is carries a variety of healthy snacks and ready-meals that make responsible eating on the go a breeze.

The plant-based juice bar is characterized by elegant features such as copper light fixtures, natural wood elements, industrial steel and New York subway-style tiles.