The Gentle Monster 'Work in Progress' Pop-Up is Located in Seoul

 - Feb 24, 2016
This industrial pop-up store for brand Gentle Monster in Seoul, South Korea is a stunning structure composed almost entirely of steel, despite its unassuming exterior. Designed by firm Artefacts, the 'Work in Progress' pop-up features a facade made up of mismatched window shutters that make the shopper imagine a less futuristic interior before they enter.

The memorable Gentle Monster pop-up showcases a variety of the brand's optical collection and serves as a great demonstration in eyewear merchandising. The steel interior walls have a number of pipes installed to it that make up the basis for the shelving on which the glasses are displayed.

As direct-to-consumer eyewear brands like Warby Parker create a more streamlined shopping experience, traditional eyewear retailers are being forced to up their in-store presence in order to remain competitive.