- Mar 22, 2016
Private shopping suites, luxe appliance boutiques and experiential styling services are just some of the examples that make up this collection of VIP shopping experiences. In addition to couture-focused shopping suites that cater to lovers of luxury, other notable examples include bathroom fixture shops that feature immersive testing areas.

For example, upscale appliance retailer Pirch makes the experience of its consumer unlike any other in its industry, allowing patrons to test showers before installing them in their home. Though seemingly bizarre, this marketing tactic promotes exclusivity and ensures shoppers are investing in long-term quality.

Additional favorites include mobile personal shopping apps that offer an upscale service to those on a tighter budgets. Inspired by luxe in-store services, examples like the Mona app allow anyone to experience the benefits of personal shopping without having to spend a fortune.

From Private Shopping Suites to Luxe Appliance Boutiques: