This Restaurant Uses Digital Kiosks to Take Orders

 - Feb 4, 2016
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A Chicago restaurant named 'Wow Bao' is changing the way consumers order at fast casual restaurants with its kiosk ordering system. Although fast casual restaurants are characterized by high turnover, lengthy lines can sometimes slow down service. This digital kiosk helps streamline the ordering process by removing the need for employee-customer interaction.

The kiosk ordering system can be found in all five Wow Bao locations in Chicago. The system is designed to give customers the ability to place their order even when there is a line at the counter. The system not only helps to speed up the ordering process, but it also satisfies the customer demand for customization. The kiosks give customers greater control over what they are ordering and there is no chance of staff confusion when it comes to complex orders.

Overall, the kiosks help to meet the growing demand for quick and personalized service at fast casual eateries.