This Thai Grocery Stall Hides an Upscale Hong Kong Restaurant

 - Feb 18, 2016
References: & dezeen
The design firm NC Design & Architecture recently constructed an upscale Hong Kong restaurant with an unexpected facade. While most restaurants try to make their space feel open and inviting, this particular establishment uses the art of deception to draw customers in.

The Mak Mak restaurant in Hong Kong features a deceptive facade that resembles that of a Thai grocery stall. Instead of a traditional hostess station, the first thing guests see when they walk in is a wooden shophouse similar to those found in Southeast Asia. The facade is incredibly detailed, with cabinets and shelves stocked with traditional Thai ingredients such as chillies, canned coconut milk and red salsa syrup. However, when guests ring the small service bell, the cabinet opens to reveal the upscale Hong Kong restaurant in the back.

Drawing inspiration from classic film sets, the Mak Mak restaurant boasts a uniquely cinematic feel.