The Cyborg Nest 'North Sense' Implant Device Connects Users to Naure

 - Jun 16, 2016
References: & geeky-gadgets
The Cyborg Nest 'North Sense' implant device is engineered to give users the ability to connect more closely to Mother Earth. Created to help avid adventurers maintain a closer connection to the Earth, the Cyborg Nest 'North Sense' will vibrate whenever the wearer is facing north.

The Cyborg Nest 'North Sense' can be connected wirelessly to a wearers smartphone to adjust the functionality of the device after it has been implanted.

The Cyborg Nest 'North Sense' implant device is available in limited numbers for preorder for the price of $355. The device is connected to a person's chest surgically and enables them to access directional information through vibrational feedback rather than any visual or auditory cues to keep users in the moment.