This Irrigation Controller Allows For Precise Irrigation & Fertilization

 - Jun 11, 2016
References: flybirdinnovations & iamwire
The 'Siri' smart irrigation controller is an innovative handheld gadget, developed by Flybird Farm Innovations, that is designed to make it easier than ever for farmers to more precisely irrigate and fertilize their crops.

The gadget can easily be programmed to regulate soil moisture, temperature and humidity, and gathers and shares information that helps mitigate under-irrigation and over-irrigation. Indeed this irrigation controller is set to have a broad array of impacts. For one, it will reduce human error as well as the dependency on human labor, helping farmers save money. By streamlining crop-maintenance information and processes, it helps farmers save water and electric power and make their processes more efficient.

The smart irrigation controller ultimately stands to improve the quality and quantity of crops grown, while improving farmers' livelihoods.