This Sink Fits Above Toilet Tanks and Works to Save Water

 - Jun 13, 2016
References: sinktwice & odditymall
This water-conserving toilet sink is an unusual but practical way to save water and even reduce hydro bills.

The 'SinkTwice' works by fitting over almost any toilet tank and when the "flush" button is pressed, the water from pipes comes through the tap and the user can wash their hands with it. The water from hand-washing drains into the tank, which then fills up the toilet, to be flushed away the next time someone uses it. The hope is that this water-conserving sink will save two gallons of water per person each day, which would be quite significant in the long run.

Water conservation is crucial in times of rising global temperatures and rampant droughts. SinkTwice helps to address this issue in a way that improves quality of life rather than reducing it.