WasteBasedBricks by StoneCycling Embraces Eco Practices in Architecture

 - Jun 7, 2016
References: stonecycling & fastcoexist
Looks like there may have to be another character added to the classic Three Little Pigs story by the looks of WasteBasedBricks by StoneCycling, a startup based in the Dutch city of Rotterdam. It's a new type of brick that prides itself on its eco practices. As its name suggests, it is made out of waste materials from nearby glass, ceramics, and insulation factories.

Founded by two architecture school graduates, WasteBasedBricks by StoneCycling not only gives garbage a second chance at life, it also uses less energy than traditional brick manufacturing. More than that, their process is affecting the way companies demolish their old buildings. Co-founder Ward Massa says, "What we see now is if we are willing to guarantee that we will buy a certain waste material, there's an incentive for them to demolish in a purer way."