These Solar Panels are Specially Designed for Tiny Urban Roofs

Brooklyn SolarWorks is helping more New Yorkers access renewable energy with its elevated solar canopies. Although it is now cheaper for consumers to use solar energy than to use energy from New York City's municipal grid, many people still avoid the use of solar panels due to lack of space. Now there is a new solar energy option that is specially designed for tiny urban roofs.

Brooklyn SolarWorks is a company that works with local designs to create customizable solar canopies that are lifted 10 feet above the surface of the roof. The canopies not only help to maximize space on small urban roofs, but they also solve the issue of flat rooftops by angling the panels towards the sun. The other benefit to the canopies is that they rise above building code requirements, meaning it is far easier for residents to get the city's approval.

With more consumers looking for ways to reduce their environmental footprint, these elevated solar panels provide the perfect way to disconnect from the municipal grid.