This Backyard Compost Works as a Solar Food Digester

 - Jun 8, 2016
References: greencone & treehugger
The Green Cone is a food digester that takes leftover food scraps and breaks them down into soil.

The cones work by being placed into the soil of the user's backyard and having leftover food scraps dumped into them. The food is broken down and consumed by bacteria, fungi, worms and insects and 90% of the contents will end up absorbed into the soil. These food digesters have double walls to heat up the contents of the cone and speed up the process of breaking down food. The company that creates these cones partners with towns in Ontario, Canada in order to make them widely available at a subsidized cost.

These cones are unique from usual "green bin" composting techniques because they reduce biodegradable waste in landfills and owners are also able to reap the benefits of healthier soil in their backyards.