'Muskin' is a Plant-Based and Cruelty-Free Mushroom Leather

 - Jun 23, 2016
References: gradozero.eu & clearlyveg
'Muskin' is the name of a fungal mushroom leather material that boasts the same softness as suede, as well as the same level of sturdiness of leather made from animal skins. As an alternative to conventional leather products, Muskin is entirely plant-based, non-toxic and cruelty-free.

Other great features of Muskin include its breathable properties that allow it to absorb and release moisture. It's also extremely hygienic, which means that it's great for reducing the the spread of bacteria, especially if this material is worn close to the skin.

As of late, there have been many new plant-based and cruelty-free leather alternatives being invented from a range of unusual sources like food waste, pineapples and even kombucha.