This Ring Was Designed in Response to Homophobia in Romania

 - Jun 28, 2016
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The rights and recognition of the LGBT community are at the forefront of social discussions at this time and these rings were designed to promote the cause and offer LGBT support.

In May of this year, a petition with 3 million signatures called for "a change in the way family is defined in the Romanian constitution" so it would be more inclusive of the LGBT community. The homophobic backlash from this petition and a history of anti-LGBT rhetoric in the country inspired this project to offer LGBT support. Called the 'Accept' ring, this piece of jewelry is a way to symbolize love, respect and acceptance for the LGBT community for those in it and for those who support it.

By allowing people to physically wear their support for these communities, the Accept ring symbolizes a peaceful protest against the poor treatment of LGBT communities in Romania and around the world.