This Bulletproof Clothing Raises Awareness for Gun Control Laws

 - Jun 27, 2016
References: dropr
For years, Lifweek, the most important fashion show in PerĂº, has been supporting many social issues. This bulletproof clothing collection used bulletproof material and different materials to give them a unique and fashionable look. It generated huge awareness via social media and the news. Pieces were also put up for sale before the real intention behind the garments was revealed: not supporting the gun control law is as ridiculous as this collection. This urged the people of PerĂº to sign the petition and support the cause.

The criticism turned into compliments; even bloggers, celebrities and politicians joined the cause. Thanks to the Bulletproof Collection, people supported the law and it was approved.

The cause gives a powerful message against gun violence and raises awareness about gun control laws. This collection introduces garments that nobody should have to wear.