'Hope in Darkness' Introduces Peru's First Inclusive Art Show

 - Jun 22, 2016
References: miraflores.gob.pe
As part of its policy of inclusion and accessibility and an aim to bring art to the residents and visitors of the district, the Municipality of Miraflores presented hope in darkness, the first art show in Peru held in a public space in braille format. The name of this exhibition is 'The essential is invisible to the eyes: art for inclusion of people with disabilities.'

In the sample that has the support of Grupo Vallas, they showed excerpts from universal story 'El Principito' by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, in print and braille writing, a reading and writing system for people with visual disabilities.

Also, in the City Library Ricardo Palma, visually impaired people can find copies of the classic novel by Saint-Exupery in Braille. With these actions, the Municipality of Miraflores reaffirms its commitment to promote an inclusive local government.