This Pavilion is Made Up of Luminescent Threads

 - Jun 9, 2016
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Using light-illuminating textiles, this vivid textile pavilion is a beautiful piece of architecture.

Making standing structures out of knitted threads is no small feat and architect Jenny Sabin has managed to do just that. The textile pavilion stands at seven feet tall and is made from "photo-luminescent and solar-active threads," which capture light and give the pavilion its illuminated quality. Fading in color from pink to purple and then blue, this pavilion is meant to represent the transition of day to night.

The architect Jenny Sabin is known for her use of emerging technologies in architecture and this 400 square foot pavilion she has designed is no exception. This pavilion is not just a beautiful structure but a potential portable method of "providing illumination" in areas of the world with limited access to electricity.