These Buildings Will Accommodate All Religions in Refugee Camps

 - Jun 13, 2016
References: google & archdaily
Yale architecture students Lucas Boyd and Chad Greenlee decided to use their skills to accommodate all religions in refugee camps and introduced three design proposals for pop-up religious buildings.

While most would create a universally accepted space in which people of all faiths could practice their religion, the students wanted to ensure that their designs were modeled after their aspirations of religious plurality. As a result they designed three different pop-up religious buildings that accommodate people of Jewish, Muslim and Christian faiths. While the concept of creating pop-up buildings for faiths did risk caricaturing the history and design of religious architecture -- they managed to design minimal spaces that take into account yet still simplify large-scale architecture of its kind. The religious buildings also aim to accommodate various sects within the religions themselves.

Accommodating religious plurality in refugee camps sends a message that these groups of people are united in their willingness to build communities and relationships together.