A Student Created Photos That Magnify Body Image Issues that Girls Face

 - Jun 29, 2016
References: bcu.ac.uk & mashable
The pressure placed on girls and young women today to attain a certain standard of beauty is more intense than ever and this photo campaign highlights the issue.

While it was once celebrities in movies and magazines that influenced standards of beauty, girls and young women are now also exposed to social media sites that show what appears to be their peers looking "perfect." In an unlikely juxtaposition, the standards of beauty enforced on young women today are even more unattainable as they become more accessible in the form of social media images and posts. The idea behind this photo campaign is to highlight the issue, one that has created a rise in cosmetic surgeries among young women and increased self-esteem issues.

For many girls growing up, the idea of being perceived as "beautiful" takes a firm hold and this can only cause problems if the same girls are also looking at celebrity and social media culture with an uncritical eye. With the 'Un-Edit' photo campaign, viewers can think more critically about their role in this culture and how to break away from it when it is harmful.