The 'Two Fingers Brewing Co.' Uses Beer Profits to Fund Cancer Research

The 'Two Fingers Brewing Co.' is a unique craft beer company that devotes its time and money to help fund cancer research. The London-based brewers specifically focus on raising awareness about prostate cancer, which is the most common cancer among men in North America, Europe, Australia and South America. The company's motto is simple, telling its customers that "you could help mankind, just by drinking beer."

Even though fighting cancer is the main focus, the company does not skimp on the quality of its craft beer. In fact, the Two Fingers Brewing Co. is already producing an award-winning artisan golden ale called 'Aurelio,' and the sales of this particular beer has already raised over $12,000 for prostate cancer research in the UK.

However, the company is now looking to the global market. By raising funds through an Indiegogo campaign, the Two Fingers Brewing Co. is looking to help fund cancer research worldwide and eventually bring an end to the devastating disease.