This Natural Insecticide Uses Neem Oil to Control Common Pests

'BioNEEM' by 'Safer Brans' is a natural insecticide made from neem oil concentrate. Unlike other pest control products, this brand is specifically marketed towards organic gardeners who are looking for a natural, yet effective way to control pests.

BioNEEM is a multipurpose insecticide and insect repellent made from neem oil. The product is designed to repel more than 30 types of pests without leaving behind any residue that may be harmful to the environment. These benefits are emphasized on the product's bottle, which touts the benefit of neem oil as a natural form of broad spectrum insect control. The bottle even includes images of which bugs it targets, to emphasize its efficacy. Despite the fact that the product is marketed as insecticide, the container is also branded with the OMRI Listed logo, which indicates that it is certified for organic use.

Unlike some natural pesticides, BioNEEM emphasizes that it is an effective pest control solution for organic gardens.