'Green Cleaner' Kills Pests and Leaves Beneficial Insects Unharmed

 - Mar 8, 2016
References: coloradogrowerssupply
'Green Cleaner' by Old Stage is an all-natural pesticide concentrate that's designed to do away with mites, eggs and adult insects, while leaving other beneficial insects in tact. In comparison to other chemical-based pesticide products on the market, Old Stage remarks: "Unlike other pesticides, mites cannot become immune to Green Cleaner." This concentrate is designed to be used to give new plants a strong start and unlike others, it is gentle enough to be used on new cuttings.

The active ingredients listed on the back of the all-natural pesticide product bottle make up 30% of the formula and include corn oil and soybean oil. As a concentrate, water can be used to dilute the product as needed.