Extrudr Green TEC 3D Printer Filaments are Biodegradable

 - Mar 10, 2016
References: extrudr.eu & geeky-gadgets
3D printing is changing the market in innovative ways, but the plastic they use to print is harming the environment, so Extrudr Green TEC 3D Printer Filaments have an eco advantage.

Crafted from natural materials, the filaments are designed to be biodegradable to ensure that the creations from the printers won't be around till the end of time.

The renewable natural materials that go into the filament makes it entirely biodegradable, while the use and color options of the material is just like traditional options.

The compostable Extrudr Green TEC 3D Printer Filaments set a new standard for what's capable of being created with 3D printers. Rather than using harsh plastics, we could see the machines creating only items that can back to the earth in a certain timeframe.