This Botanical Insecticide Can Protect Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers

 - Mar 8, 2016
References: planetnatural
'Garden Dust' is a botanical insecticide that uses natural ingredients to protect fruits, vegetables and flowers from harmful insects and damaging plant diseases. Unlike other chemical insecticides, this product is made up entirely of ingredients derived from plants that have natural insecticidal properties.

Garden Dust is a botanical insecticide-fungicide dust made from plant-based ingredients. While many chemical sprays contain a wide variety of active ingredients, Garden Dust contains just three: pyrethrins, sulfur and copper. All of these ingredients are listed directly on the packaging so that consumers understand exactly what they are buying. The package also shows an image of some of the fruits, vegetables and flowers that the product is made for so that consumers easily understand the purpose of the product.

While the product is not completely non-toxic, Garden Dust does provide an eco-friendly alternative to commercial chemical sprays.