The Glaciogenic Art Series Depicts Scientific Research Using Art

 - Mar 14, 2016
References: jillpelto & thecreatorsproject.vice
The Glaciogenic Art series by Jill Pelto is an artistic interpretation of scientific research and climate data rendered into illustrative drawings. The images depict scenes of climate change with the landscapes and the animals it effects occurring while simultaneously referencing the data found in graphs on the topic.

Pelto's illustrations are made using a mixture of mediums, focusing on acrylics and watercolor. The drawings depict many endangered species such as wolves and fish as well as iconic landmarks that are being threatened due to the shifts in temperature, such as Antartica Dry Valleys. The graphics depicting the climate change data are incorporated directly into the illustrations in the backgrounds and landscapes. While blending into the overall artwork, the graphs are still recognizable as depicting the detrimental fluctuation in temperature.