This Spray Can Provides a Safer and Greener Alternative to Aerosols

 - Mar 4, 2016
References: & packagingeurope
'Noatec' recently launched a new type of spray can that functions as a safer and greener alternative to aerosols. In recent years, aerosols have been associated with both environmental concerns and human health concerns. Now there is an alternative form of packaging that eliminates many of the risks associated with aerosols.

FLEXPACK is a new form of technology that provides a safer and greener alternative to aerosols. Unlike an aerosol can, the FLEXPACK dispensing system does not require the use of compressed air. Instead, contractional energy is built up inside the container during the filling process and stored in a silicone force element. The unique soft dispensing system overcomes many of the problems with aerosol cans such as risk of explosion, corrosion and respiratory damage.

The non-aerosol dispensing system by Noatec ultimately provides a safe and eco-friendly way to package a wide variety of oxygen-sensitive materials.