Vermont Smoke & Cure Received a Charming, Illustrated Rebrand

 - Mar 27, 2016
References: sterlingbrands & thedieline
It is possible to tell the story of a brand through packaging, and this was precisely the challenge behind the new Vermont Smoke & Cure identity. Enlisting the help of Sterling Brands, the business communicated its processes and values through charming agricultural illustrations.

Each of the flavors of the healthy, hormone-free meat sticks is represented by a different, bright color, taking the silhouette shapes of pigs, cattle, farmers and cyclists on the rolling farm landscape. Texture was applied to the simplified imagery to take the semblance of wood grain, presenting a rustic and homey underlying layer to the Vermont Smoke & Cure look.

Designing brand identity requires a careful balance between communicating the business's products and mission, and appealing to consumers' contemporary aesthetic tastes. This packaging accomplishes both with great success.