The Urban Insect and Bees Nest Offers a Sanctuary for Bugs

 - Mar 16, 2016
References: gardeners & thegreenhead
It's no secret that bee populations around the world are in trouble, so products like the Urban Insect and Bees Nest look to help out by offering a touch of sanctuary.

Impressively designed and suitable for placement almost anywhere one wishes, the nest is crafted from Clayplas+ clay and recycled plastic for an extra touch of eco-friendliness.

The nest works by offering ample nooks and crannies for insects to get into and make a home. The product also makes a great option for helping to avoid insects from nesting in other spots that are less desirable (i.e. in between bricks, in windowsills etc.)

The Urban Insect and Bees Nest will attract solitary bees and other flying insects to offer a sanctuary in cities where green space is limited.