Alice + Whittles Uses Natural Rubbers for Its Stylish Footwear

 - Feb 29, 2016
References: aliceandwhittles
It seems as though winter has come and gone in as mild a manner as possible -- and that means bringing the rainy season a little ahead of schedule. Having a pair of ethical rain boots on hand is exactly what fickle Mother Nature seems to be encouraging. It's a good thing that Alice + Whittles, a brand recently founded by former human rights advocates and United Nations humanitarian aid workers Sofi Khwaja and Nicholas Horekens, has created a line of stylish ethical rain boots.

Using natural rubber materials, the ethical rain boots make practicality desirable. But beyond that, as written on Alice + Whittles' website, "Form and function, material and craft, origin and ethics. It’s all part of the way we create goods that are beautiful not only as objects themselves, but in the passion and respect that has gone into their making."