From Chic Maternity Jeans to Caffeine-Free Children's Teas

 - Jun 28, 2015
When it comes to the habits of consumers of different age groups, the June 2015 life-stages products and services cover everything from new toys to targeted ads and technological advancements in the digital age.

Toys for kids aren't just fun, but have a distinctly creative element. To encourage your children to use their imaginations, many brands are offering artistic products that also help young ones with their motor skills.

Technology is able to help parents like never before, from fatherhood preparation apps to breastfeeding monitoring systems. Of course, some anolog methods have stood the test of time, such as ayurvedic nursing teas.

Many marketers are continuing to target kids, who will in turn pressure parents to buy them. This is especially the case in the food and drink industry and June 2015 life-stages innovations.