The Clover House by MAD Architects Will be a Whimsical Kindergarten School

 - May 23, 2015
References: i-mad & fastcodesign
The Clover House is not named for its shape, although it does boast a very unique one. A post-war suburban house that is being transformed into a three-story school, it takes on a very fluid form -- which is due entirely to its unique construction. The clover house will feature a draped roof that makes it looks as though it were made out of fabric.

Made of common asphalt shingles, the exterior of the Clover House conceived by MAD Architects. As for the cost of such a venture, the studio says, "It is not about price but how to realize it, solving all technical issues including leaking and smoothing. Finding the appropriate structural engineer, contractor, professional for roofing was big step toward realizing this project."