Hi-Tech Bug Viewer Encourages Curiosity and Education with Handheld Device

 - Apr 28, 2015
References: shiftbrain.co.jp & yankodesign
The development of this bug viewer bridges the gap between outdoor play and technological entertainment. There is certainly a polarity between the two forms of recreation for kids today, but the PIXEING encourages children to explore nature and learn science while still interacting with handheld gadgets.

Uniba Inc. and ShiftBrain Inc. have collaborated on this concept for a scope that can be held over leaves and swept across the grass, picking up signs of little critters. The visual and motion data recorded by the bug viewer can be accessed by the child via a smartphone app. It's devices like these––which bring together education and entertainment––that take such great advantage of the power of modern technology. And what used to lure little ones inside has enticed them outside once more.