Ode Emits Food Smells to Remind Dementia Patients It's Time to Eat

 - May 13, 2015
References: myode.org & fastcodesign
Unfortunately, serious weight loss and malnutrition are symptoms of dementia, simply because most patients don't eat enough food—Ode is a device that aims to tackle this problem with scent. Ode is like an alarm clock that emits food scents rather than sounds, triggering a dementia patient's appetite to remind them that it is time to eat once again.

Even though loss of smell is a symptom of some neurological diseases, it is the only sense with receptors that are attached to the limbic system, which is responsible for emotional responses. The human brain tends to become immune to the same smells after about four minutes, so Ode is programmed to release fragrances in rhythmic sequences, depending on the time that is set for eating.