This Herbal Breastfeeding Tea Encourages Healthy Milk Production in Mothers

This breastfeeding tea uses traditional Ayurvedic herbs to encourage breast milk production in nursing mamas. Developed specifically with women in mind, the Traditional Medicinals Wellness Teas Organic Mother's Milk is a herbal tea that is naturally caffeine free and also promotes healthy lactation. In addition to the regular Mother's Milk tea, there is also a Shatavari Cardamom version. Both are part of the Women's Teas range.

Described as supportive, empowering and nurturing, the herbalist-created breastfeeding tea tastes sweet and spicy and is usually drunk with added milk and sugar. The certified organic beverage makes a great addition to a mom's breastfeeding routine. The time-tested blend of herbs has been used for centuries by nursing women, and is now available in packs of 16 wrapped tea bags.